Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Been too long since I updated!!!

Well it has been a long time since I posted to my site and I have a ton of updated info to share with you all....
First and formost is my youngest is in Iraq for a second tour and we are very proud of his willingness to serve our country. It was a rough day for us to watch him march off with a rifle strapped across his back knowing that he was not going deer hunting. There was a sweetness on that day in that he asked Ms.Jen Woodhouse to marry him and she in turn asked him the same.
Old fashioned as he is he had asked her parents for their permissoin the night before.
I will post some of the photos we took that day.

Secondly Penny and I were informed last week that we will once again be grandparents to a new baby in March 2008. Tommy and Steph are expecting again . They are already parents the Kathryn Isabell whose picture I will also post.

Donny is still our office manager and is busy finishing his new recording that will be out sometime this fall. He is also planning on homeschooling Julia and Jenna my other two granddaughters. Again pictures will follow.

My cd is finally finished and you can here parts of it at
I have much more news but will save it for another post.
God bless you all



Blogger Butch Davis said...

I wish someone would do an expose on my Uncle, Harry S. Turner. of Langly Drive Florence SC..29501 deceased. Wife Betty Dourghty Turner
I've been told that he was original composer of Fuedin' Banjo's WITH Arthur Smith in the 40-50s. Harry also played with Uncle Ugly after a falling out with Mr. Smith. Harry also wrote via recording, the music for the movie Preacherman (1971).Henry Turner's son (no relation) owns Harrys recordings illegally obtained thru Henrys recording studio.(no release or copyright transfer was made)
He has NEVER been given credit or paid for any of his music!

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