Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just a few rambling thoughts

This morning I was thinking about how very blessed my life has been and just want to share that thought with my sons and wife......I am so very proud of each of them and what they mean to me...Penny has been and continues to be my best friend of the past 35 plus years and is truly my heartbeat.....Donny is the musician and dad I always wanted to be,Tommy is the business man and thinker I wish I was and Lt.Adam is the romantic poet that I thought I was........what more could a man want in this life...Plus I have two beautiful grand daughters and two wonderful daughters-in-law.
My life is more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed of ....Thank you Lord ,thank you Penny,thank you Donny,Tommy,and Ronny ...sorry Lt.Adam... you will always be our Ronny.........and thank you Carisa and Steph....I couldn't have picked better for my sons..........now hurry up Lt.


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